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Explore new business opportunities and close deals efficiently

Unlock the power of Partnify

New Business Inquiries

Generate and manage new business requests effortlessly, transforming them into actionable projects while matchmaking with new businesses.

Close Deals

Close deals faster on the platform with contract signing and business community all in one place to streamline your sales process.


Manage Projects

Oversee all your projects from a single platform, seamlessly tracking progress, deadlines, and collaboration for enhanced productivity.

The business community where work gets done

Connect with Partners

Build new partnerships and connect with current partners


Find and hire freelancers & agencies or offer your expertise

Project Creation

A one of its kind efficiency tool to set up projects with your partners

Position your business for success

Get noticed

Your company’s profile is crucial within Partnify. It allows you to showcase your portfolio and provide detailed information about your services and specifications. An engaging and comprehensive profile helps attract potential partners and clients, making it easier for them to understand your offerings and capabilities.

Expand your network

Invite and connect with your contacts to grow your network and establish stronger partnerships. By tapping into a wider pool of potential collaborators, companies can streamline collaboration processes, saving time and resources.

Find or showcase your expertise

Partnify makes it easy to find and hire the right talent and expertise for your projects. Review profiles and portfolios, and filter to find the perfect fit for your company’s specific needs.

Collaborate smarter

Whether you’re a service provider sharing a project proposal or a company seeking expertise for a project request, our platform efficiently structures project content, providing an overview and alignment for all involved to work together seamlessly.

All-in-one solution for Partnerships

Use Cases

Every company who works with external partners or is looking for a new way to generate new business is able to use Partnify. View the different use cases of company types to discover how you can use Partnify.


Answers to the most frequently asked questions. Please contact us if your question is not included or answered.

How does Partnify differ from platforms like LinkedIn, Upwork or Sortlist?
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While LinkedIn is excellent for connecting with professionals, it often lacks the ability to start projects immediately. Platforms like Upwork do match supply and demand, but project-related information and communication can get lost. Partnify stands out by enabling immediate project initiation, centralizing project communication, and offering comprehensive partner management. We've learned from users of platforms like LinkedIn and Upwork that combining these elements in a centralized manner is what companies are seeking.

How does Partnify differ from software like Teamleader, Simplicate or Jira?
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Teamleader, Simplicate, and Jira are excellent for managing internal company processes. However, these platforms focus on internal workflows and don't facilitate collaboration with external companies on partnerships or projects. Partnify bridges this gap by enabling seamless cooperation between different companies, making it easier to work together on shared goals and projects.

What types of companies benefit the most from using Partnify?
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Companies of all sizes, from freelancers and startups to SMEs, will find Partnify invaluable for collaboration and growth. Those that need to outsource tasks, hire talent, offer services, manage contracts (renewals), centralize communication, and grow through an online business network will particularly benefit from Partnify's comprehensive platform.

What security measures are in place to protect my data on Partnify?
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Data security is one of the most important aspects at Partnify. The protection of your data is essential in offering you a safe and secure way to do business digitally. In order to protect your data we work with trusted data service providers in the Netherlands.

How does Partnify handle disputes between partners or users?
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Partnify is a digital infrastructure where business can meet and start working with each other. We are offering software to enable this in a unique way for you to save time and money. Partnify is the digital infrastructure and does not operate as a midle man. Partnerships are directly between the companies and Partnify is not legally involved within the partnership.

However, when there is a dispute between you and partner you can arrange for an independent counsellor that can mediate between you and your partner regarding the dispute.

How can Partnify improve my project workflow and contract management?
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Partnify enhances project workflows by providing insights at every stage and centralizing communication, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned and collaboration is seamless. For contract management, Partnify covers the entire lifecycle, from drafting and signing to managing renewals, ensuring smooth, compliant operations. This comprehensive approach streamlines both project and contract processes, saving time and boosting efficiency.

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