Unveiling Partnify's Journey

Our journey is made possible thanks to all of the companies who use Partnify.

We highly believe that collaboration is the single key to unlock a better world for everyone. Not only do we want to be the futile soil on which companies and professionals start working together, but we want to work with you as well.

One of our dearest brand values is interaction. We know that the most successful collaborations rely on interaction. Therefore, we want to involve you in the proces to make Partnify better. For the good of everyone.

Join us on a mission to collaborate and reunite locally, regionally and nationally to solve problems together, create new innovations together and to simply create a better world together.

Our story

Let's embark on the journey of how it all started...

2017 • September

First Partnership

Jens and Ron started a freelance partnership where we operated as business, sales and marketing consultants. We mainly created partnerships with small SME's and helped them with digitalization  challenges within their company.

We immediately understood that our partnership was dependent on our ability to find other companies which could help us implement our recommendations. The importance of partnerships was significant since the start of our own partnership.

2017 - 2021

Experience & Insights

In the 4 years that we operated as freelance consultants we gained major insights in how partnerships were setup and managed.

During that period we experienced that almost every business has partnerships on which they (heavily) depend. Many of these partnerships were managed in an inefficient and ineffective way which led to to a loss of expertise and skills within organizations.

After 4 years we decided that it was time to develop and launch software and a platform to solve this issue.

2022 • May


After making the decision to build a platform we started reaching out to the companies that we had been working with as freelancers. We explained our vision towards a platform that would take care of all the boring and manual tasks around their partnerships.

After getting a few companies onboard we started setting up projects, optimising the processes and created a prototype. We tested the prototype among a few companies and received positive feedback on the product that we started to build.

2023 • January


After successfully launching the prototype amongst our previous clients and their network we decided that it was time to develop and launch an adult version of Partnify. All software was our own and we could launch features not dependent on third-party software.

That was also the moment that Daniël en Jonatan joined Partnify as co-founders. Both had more than 10 years of experience in software development and were eager to join Partnify since they had been experiencing the same challenges within their own software development agencies.

2023 • November

Pre Seed Funding

After developing an MVP we started raising funding to further scale towards 200 active businesses on the platform.

We successfully raised a pre seed funding round of €450.000.

2024 • April

Public launch of Partnify

In april 2024 we will launch Partnify in the Netherlands .

Helen Keller, 1880 - 1968

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

We believe in Collaborating



Our team consists of people from various industries and roles. Together we share the believe of collaborating and the need of it.



From our experience collaborating with hundreds of companies, we know collaborations sustain with clear and centralized communication.



Partnify is founded because we received tons of insights and feedback from various industries and from various countries. We want to involve you so we can deliver a platform that suits your needs.