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Press Release: Partnify raises €500.000 to set new standard for business collaborations

May 15, 2024
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Zwolle, April 3, 2024 – Partnify has secured an investment of €500,000. The business platform centralizes collaboration between companies by bringing them together online in a scalable cloud environment. The funding is led by two former founders of Embrace Cloud, the social intranet for government institutions, among others. Additionally, several successful founders of Dutch startups, including GO Sharing founder Raymon Pouwels, are joining the effort.

SMEs are increasingly outsourcing project-based external expertise to integrate more knowledge and skills into their organizations. With a changing labor market and the growing trend of outsourcing tasks, clients seek to maintain control over external projects. Meanwhile, service providers, such as freelancers and agencies, are looking for the easiest and most efficient ways to collaborate, without lengthy quotation processes. It is in this intersection that Partnify was founded by four young entrepreneurs.

“As an SME, you often seek external expertise that you don't have in-house,” says Jens Visser, founder of Partnify. “But in a market where more and more companies offer themselves as service providers, finding and selecting the right partner and collaborating becomes increasingly challenging. Additionally, service providers are increasingly confronted with ancillary matters, while they prefer to spend as much time as possible on paid assignments. As a result, SMEs may not always get the right solution, and service providers may miss out on interesting assignments.”

Collaboration on One Platform

Over 200 companies have already signed up for the Partnify platform. With innovative software, Partnify ensures that the entire collaboration process takes place through one platform. By automating certain aspects, projects can be rolled out faster and the costs of establishing and managing collaborations can be reduced. The platform facilitates the feedback, approval, and payment process, which can involve multiple employees. Additionally, the Partnify platform serves as an online meeting place where companies forge new connections, expand their networks, and create new business opportunities.

Reducing ComplexityThe seed investment comes from ten angel investors, including two former founders of Embrace Cloud. Additionally, Raymon Pouwels, former founder of GO Sharing, as well as several other founders of successful startups from both the Netherlands and abroad, are contributing. The investors' confidence in Partnify mainly stems from their shared experience in collaborating with third parties.

“I am delighted to contribute to the growth of Partnify. I see project-based collaboration as the future for SMEs. However, to get the most out of it, complexity must decrease. Effectiveness should be the priority, and that is precisely what I see in the Partnify platform,” says Raymon Pouwels, former founder of GO Sharing and current CCO of umob.

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About Partnify

Partnify was founded in 2022 by Jens Visser, Ron Lohuis, Daniël van der Berg, and Jonatan Elgersma, with the ambition to optimize collaboration between SMEs and the business service and advisory sector. The Partnify platform facilitates the quotation process, communication, and payments of projects using technology. For more information, visit

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